Solve challenging light commercial applications


SmartFlex™ Mini-Split Systems are the perfect choice for tough application problems that traditional HVAC systems can't solve such as projects with varied loads and occupancy rates or where existing systems can't be effectively modified to meet customer needs. Choose SmartFlex™ Mini-Split Systems for:

  • Buildings with remote or separated offices – such as supermarket administrative offices, manufacturing supervisor offices, parking lot structures and mobile offices at construction sites.
  • Small business applications – such as convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, coffee shops and daycare centers.
  • Extra and back-up cooling – such as areas that are mission-critical or areas where cooling demand cannot be met with existing systems.
  • Electrical and IT closets – ideal solution to add extra cooling to spaces with heat-generating equipment.
  • Small areas with stringent heating or cooling requirements – an economical and easy-to-install solution for businesses with the need for tight temperature control.