World-Class VRF Training Center Offers Expert Instructors and Hands-On Experience For Your Team

Efficient on-the-job performance, quality installations, and happy building owners.

Get your team up to speed fast.

Comprehensive training programs provide knowledge and skills necessary to effectively and efficiently deploy Hitachi SmartFlex™ VRF technology. Our world-class VRF training center offers classes with specialized modules and topics that help:

  • Salespeople submit competitive bids and close deals.
  • Designers select and configure the right equipment easily and accurately, with full understanding of the features and options available.
  • Installers learn proper procedures, techniques, and skills to complete jobs safely and with accuracy, all while helping projects stay on-time and on-budget.
  • Service technicians learn proper maintenance schedules, procedures and troubleshooting skills and how to repair systems efficiently.

Courses include:

VRF Sales and Design. Designed for contractors, consulting engineers, and sales professionals, this course describes where, when, and why Hitachi SmartFlex VRF systems are an attractive option due to design flexibility, efficiency and comfort. The course gives an overview of VRF technology and equipment, the VRF Selection Tool, and product support.

VRF System Design and Engineering. This course is created for architects, contractors, consulting engineers, installation mechanics, controls engineers and others involved in the design or selection of VRF and ductless systems. It conveys deep knowledge and practical experience to effectively and efficiently design and select equipment for Hitachi SmartFlex™VRF systems. The class includes extensive hands-on experience with the VRF Selection Tool to help participants confidently design, select, and submit specifications for various commercial applications.

VRF Service and Maintenance. This course, for mechanical contractors, installation mechanics and controls and service technicians, teaches proper procedures for start-up, commissioning and routine maintenance for Hitachi SmartFlex™ VRF systems. Participants will learn the proper procedures for accurately and comprehensively inspecting installations before startup, gain hands-on experience configuring controls for maximum system efficiency, explore the tools and resources available to support fast and easy installation and commissioning, and learn proper maintenance schedules and techniques that help maximize efficiency and service life.

The VRF training center features a dedicated VRF laboratory where attendees gain hands-on experience with the various systems, components and controls. Videos and webinars supplement classroom learning on specific subjects and refresh and enhance the skills of your sales, design, installation, and service teams. Hitachi SmartFlex™ VRF training programs help deliver peace of mind that your staff members are prepared with the knowledge and skills they need to support your business for a multitude of project types.